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Woman, 29, killed by police car driven on wrong side of the road while out jogging

A WOMAN was killed while jogging by a police car that was driving on the wrong side of the road, an inquest heard.

Kimberley Cameron, 27, was hit by the vehicle at high-speed as the cops rushed to the scene of a car crash.


Kimberley Cameron was out jogging when she was struck by the police carCredit: Hyde News & Pictures


Witnesses report that she stepped out looking to her left, where traffic would be expected to come fromCredit: Hyde News & Pictures
The Tesco manager was left with fatal head injuries after stepping out into the road looking towards where the traffic would usually come from, the court heard.

This meant that she did not see the speeding police car, driven by PC Philip Duthie, as it tore along the A41 near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

PC Duthie had moved into the wrong lane in order to overtake stationary vehicles as he and his partner PC Matthew Watson responded to a 999 call.

The car’s sirens were on but it is not known whether Ms Cameron was able to hear them or if she had headphones on.

Jurors were shown dashcam footage of the accident and witnesses said that the two officers appeared to be in shock after it happened.

Ms Cameron’s parents Liane and Kevin said: “When police are responding to an incident they are allowed to drive up to 20mph above the speed limit so long as it is safe to do so.

“We believe they failed in the safety priority and they were more worried about getting to the scene as soon as possible.”

They added that their daughter had previously dreamed of joining the RAF, following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather.

They told the court that she struggled with Type 1 diabetes which prevented her from joining up and almost killed her at times.

One witness, Denise Shelby, said: “I saw the policeman get out of the car and he looked shocked and disturbed.

“I can’t imagine what the girl’s family and the police officers are going through.”

Another witness, Nicole Haig, told the inquest in a written statement: “The girl had stepped out not expecting anything to come from the right.

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“I just knew it was going to happen. That’s why I screamed “No! No! No!”

The inquest continues.


Her parents said the cops prioritised getting to the scene of a 999 call quickly over arriving safelyCredit: Hyde News & Pictures

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