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‘Wednesday’ Star Gwendoline Christie Recalls Being “Embarrassed & Overwhelmed” In First Meeting With Tim Burton

Gwendoline Christie as Principal Weems on 'Wednesday'

Gwendoline Christie as ‘Wednesday’s’ Principal Weems
Vlad Cioplea/Netflix

Gwendoline Christie has starred in major franchises like Game of Thrones and Star Wars but the actor still gets star-struck by other Hollywood personalities. The Wednesday star recently recalled her first meeting with Tim Burton and detailed how awkward it was.

Christie talked to WWD where she revealed that her agent messaged her telling her that Burton wanted to talk to her about participating in The Addams Family Netflix series.

“I stopped and went silent. I’m fairly certain I atomized,” she told the publication. “And then by some mysterious force I came back together into something at least partially resembling a human being, and I had to just put the phone away and carry on. I didn’t even say anything for a little bit because I just had to process.”

Christie and Burton met through a Zoom call and the director also said he was a fan of her work. The star is best known for her role on Game of Thrones as Brienne of Tarth.

“At the end [of the call], I was really red in the face and I said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m just so embarrassed and overwhelmed.’ And he said, ‘God, I want to hide under the table,’” she said.

The meeting seemingly went well for Christie as she ended up playing Principal Larissa Weems on the Netflix series. Christie has had a great reception from the audience and being recognized for her work is something that’s very special for her.

“It’s just inconceivable. I think the loveliest thing about it is that it seems to have made so many people happy. Such a wide range of different age groups are watching it and different people are watching it together. And it’s a beautiful thing,” she explained. “This magnitude of response is totally unexpected, and I just feel full of gratitude to everybody involved that works so hard and to everybody for watching and enjoying it. I really do. It’s very special.”

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