Truck Driver Reviews of Tesla Semi

I include youtube videos with various feedback and reviews of the Tesla Semi from Truck drivers (direct and indirect). The first review is that Tesla has over 500 orders for Semi Trucks. The US has 4 million Semis and there are about 270,000 sales each year in the US. There are 4 million global large and semi truck sales each year with most in China and the rest of Asia.

PepsiCo has pre-ordered 100 trucks.

Anheuser-Busch has ordered 40 units.

Walmart ordered 130 trucks.

Pride Group Enterprises has ordered 150 trucks.

Pride Group Enterprises announced in November 2020 that they paid the booking amount to reserve initial units and build slots. The orders are just a fraction of these companies’ fleets.

Orlando-based start-up EV Semi-Fleet has ordered 50. The new trucking company plans to reserve “thousands more.” The asset-based carrier will be hiring CDL drivers to move freight for distribution centers with the Tesla Semi trucks.

PepsiCo’s has a fleet of 36,000 trucks, 11,000 tractors, 12,300 vans, and 8,300 service support vehicles. The brand also has over 25,000 drivers in the USA. They installed its first 1.5-megawatt Megachargers at Frito-Lay’s facility in Modesto, California.

Coca-Cola will use electric delivery trucks (currently bought Renault) to cover 200 km daily, or more than 40% of the beverage manufacturer’s delivery route. Coke and Pepsi have significant shorter haul trucking needs. 1 million global trucks or more are needed for shorter haul usage. The US likely has 2 million total trucks or 100,000 trucks per year needed for shorter trips.

Yes, the Tesla Semi has less range than long haul trucks which have 600-1000 miles of range.

Tesla Semi will need cabin improvement and/or changes for various driver use cases.

This licensed driver is more positive but has some concerns about backing up. He likes not having to use a J brake.

Yes, it is not yet for long-haul truckers.

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