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“That’s The Excuse???”: Nick Saban Under Hot Water by NCAA Fans for His Explanation on Alabama Player Hitting a Female Fan

Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver Jermaine Burton reportedly struck a female Tennessee Volunteers fan. To talk about this, the head coach of Alabama, Nick Saban, explained at a press conference about the incident and also talked about the measures the team took. However, his explanation evoked anger among football fans on Twitter.


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Less than a week after the wide receiver was captured on camera attempting to strike a female Tennessee fan during the field storm, the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Nick Saban, decided to start Jermaine Burton on Saturday night.


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Following the game between the Crimson Tide and the Volunteers, Alabama wide receiver, Jermaine Burton, allegedly hit a female Tennessee fan as he walked to the locker room.

In a video shared on social media Tuesday night, fans can see Burton striking the female who stormed the field after the game.

Fans called out Nick Saban“I don’t know how many of you have been in a situation like that. I talked to him. He was scared, I was scared, some of our other players were scared,” Saban said in a press conference. He also believed that one should learn to respect others because everyone has a duty to do so, no matter what the situation.

Saban also disclosed that he spoke to Burton and had him enrolled in a counseling program. Many speculated it to be an anger management program, but it is not. “That’s not the problem, that’s not the issue.”


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9 days ago

Fans did not find his explanation viable. Hence, they quickly clamored under the comment section to defy him.

A fan who did not believe the head coach’s explanation commented this:

That’s the excuse???

He was scared???

So he smacked a woman in the head unprovoked??

Jesus this is a bad look Nicky.

— Austin (@Falk__Austin) October 23, 2022

A fan who is a fan of the Syracuse Orange commented.

If you were afraid of a girl running across a football field, I can’t imagine you weren’t terrified to line up against someone with an Orange jersey on

— Galen Fish (@FishGalen) October 23, 2022

This fan asked to unravel the complete story.

The funny part is none of y’all know the full story but still pass judgment.. all y’all throwing stones acting perfect.

— Caleb🎩 (@Cdaviss13) October 23, 2022

This fan brought this information to the surface.

Nick Saban does not care about anything but winning!! That kid beat his girlfriend in 10th grade!

— edward broach (@EdwardBroach) October 23, 2022

A fan commented that Saban did not really care about the incident.

Pathetic take. He truly only cares about winning.

— Zack Albright (@ZackAlbright5) October 23, 2022

A fan could not understand how the girl scared Burton.

Yes a 19/20 year old male in some protective gear who is in elite shape was ONLY scared of the lil girl who tried to dodge him?? If this girl had a attorney dam he could shred these stories cause it’s thin!!!

— Shannon Thomas (@Shannon0779) October 23, 2022

He really can’t make enough excuses can he?

— Matt Sams (@MattSams21) October 23, 2022


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A confused fan commented.

How you let this guy play any games after hitting a women is the most Bama thing ever. Let me guess, we handle it Internally.

— saltwater (@saltwater90) October 24, 2022


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Fans also observed that rushing the field was a poor choice that the Volunteers fans made, however, they condemned the behavior of Burton.

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