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Tesla Semi and Torque Technology is Killer for Entire $2 Trillion Truck Industry

The Tesla Semi is a category killer for the entire trucking category.

Tesla has exclusively solved the issue of efficient torque when towing heavy leads. Large pickup trucks like the diesel F150 drop from 20 mpg down to 9 mpg when they are towing over 3 tons. The diesel Semi weighs about 24000 pounds and the trailer holding the payload weighs about 10,000 pounds. This means the max weight of 80,000 pounds on US highways leaves about 36,000 pounds (18 tons) for payload. The diesel semi drops to 7 mpg with heavy loads.

The Tesla Semi gets 1.7 kWh per mile of electricity use when moving a full load and can be improved ot 1.5 kWh per mile. That’s a lot more than a sedan like the Tesla Model 3 at 1/4 kWh per mile, as you would expect. It’s also better than the competing electric truck offerings from Volvo, Mack, BYD and others, which range from 2.2 to 2.8 kWh per mile.

Tesla can save $50,000 per year in fuel costs when a SEmi truck is driven 80,000 to 100,000 miles in a year. Tesla Semi can also save $2000-5000 per year in replacing brake pads because regenerative braking gives back 80% of the energy for going up hills while saving brakes from damage.

The Tesla Semi will ensure Tesla will dominate the Semi market. The Tesla Semi will have a 3-4 year payback period. Tesla has an over 5 year technological lead over its competition in electric semi trucks and the diesel trucks are outperformed as well.

The Tesla Semi technology solves torque and towing heavy loads.

Tesla Semi will drive up and down hills faster and safer. This will reduce traffic problems and reduce delays driving versus diesel trucks.

Megawatt charging that is 5-10X faster than the competition means there is no competition in charging. The charging of trucks will require megapacks at scale to buffer the grid. This means the guaranteed success of Tesla trucks guarantees the success and domination of Tesla Energy. If Tesla Energy reaches the goal of 10 terawatt-hours per year then it will be two to four times more valuable than all of the electric car market.

Diesel trucks emit huge amounts of not just greenhouse gasses but particulates. Outdoor air pollution is estimated by the WHO to kill 4.2 million people per year with particulates being the leading killer. Diesel trucks emit 70% of the particulates from transportation in the USA, and 60% of the nitrogen oxides. Getting them off the road is a major step.

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