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Queensland DJ Christian Krauter Delves Deeper Into His EDM Element

Talented Queensland DJ Christian Krauter releases two new tracks “Metal Scream” and “Fricative Sound”, exploring new dimensions of EDM, and has left his fans awestruck.

Sunshine Coast, Queensland Nov 8, 2022 (Issuewire.com)  – The talented star Christian Krauter is all set to bewilder fans as he delves into the unpredictable realms of electronic music. Given his previous pieces of work like “Oh Why” and “Give Me Bass House”, it was anticipated that the artist would dish out something that would leave his listeners awed and addicted. And his latest creations “Metal Scream” and “Fricative Sound” do not disappoint. In both these tracks, Krauter upholds and maintains the standard he has set up for himself, while also experimenting with music that is raw and instinctive. The artist’s passion streams through the tracks and affects his listeners, putting them in a hypnotic stupor.

“Metal Scream” stands out because of its unpredictability. This pristine web of complex and powerful instruments creates a bold and unrivaled impact on the listeners. The electric distortions that mark the initial part of the music create a gritty, thought-evoking and exciting soundscape and the switch to a smoother flow is subtle but evident. The allure of the music lies in its dominant darkness that is streaked with a hopeful undertone. There is a pronounced emphasis on being in the moment throughout the track that also prods deep into the complexities of the human mind. The track published by this Queensland DJ is brilliant and has already enthralled audiences.

“Fricative Sound” on the other hand begins with an intriguing music mood, which switches to a comfortable EDM and makes for a pleasant listening experience. It has a groove to it that is characteristic of Krauter’s tracks. Midway, the beat drops into a funky slow tune, but picks up once again at its usual pace, creating a wave that sweeps the listeners with it. To stay tuned to some amazing tracks like – ‘Pixel BOB’, ‘BoopDa Bee’, and ‘Groove Bomb’ by Christian Krauter, log into SoundCloud. You can also listen to his tracks on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to remain updated.

Listen to These Tracks on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/christian-krauter-1

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