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Oklahoma highlights the unique challenges of American Truck Simulator DLC

Oklahoma in American Truck Simulator

(Image credit: SCS Software)

The American Truck Simulator devs have announced that the game’s next DLC will be heading to Oklahoma – seemingly accidentally.

The Oklahoma DLC page has gone live on Steam (opens in new tab) without any kind of formal announcement from the devs, who are presumably focused on the launch of the Texas add-on. It’s got screenshots and a full trailer, even, so clearly the devs were ready to go either way.

As word of the Oklahoma DLC has started to reach the wider corners of the PC gaming community (opens in new tab), there’ve been a lot of jokes about how nobody wants to drive through the vast swathes of nothing that make up the state. Look – I’ve already paid for Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming DLC. Wyoming.

Oklahoma makes for a notable contrast with the new Texas DLC, and highlights just how weird the content rollout for American Truck Simulator can be. Each expansion has featured one US state, and they’ve typically been released twice a year. But go look at a map of the US – Oklahoma is a fraction of the size of Texas. Yet they’re both treated as the same sort of major expansion.

ATS has been slowly rolling from west to east since 2016, and up to this point the states have been pretty similar in size. (Incidentally, all the previous DLC launched at a $12 price – Texas is the first to break that at $18.) That’s going to change as the game starts to break across the midwest. Fans have wondered for years whether we’ll start to see multi-state DLC packs for, say, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Even states like Louisiana and Mississippi are a lot smaller than those out west.

American Truck Simulator has recreated nearly half of the US land mass since its launch six years ago, so maybe we’ll have answers to these questions by… maybe 2028. Who knows, maybe we’ll be playing The Elder Scrolls 6 by then, too.

ATS’s big brother is hitting massive milestones, as Euro Truck Simulator has surpassed 13 million units and 80 million pieces of DLC sold.

Dustin Bailey joined the GamesRadar team as a Staff Writer in May 2022, and is currently based in Missouri. He’s been covering games (with occasional dalliances in the worlds of anime and pro wrestling) since 2015, first as a freelancer, then as a news writer at PCGamesN for nearly five years. His love for games was sparked somewhere between Metal Gear Solid 2 and Knights of the Old Republic, and these days you can usually find him splitting his entertainment time between retro gaming, the latest big action-adventure title, or a long haul in American Truck Simulator.

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