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Nakhonchai Air teases fare discounts for immunized Thais, expats

An upscale commercial bus operator wants to help vaccinated Thais and foreign nationals move around the country with discounted fares and deliveries.

Nakhonchai Air is offering a 5% off fares over THB350 to any destination on any of its buses. Each vaccinated person can buy one ticket per day up to 20 times.

They’ll be enrolled as members for four year, which entitles them to an unlimited 5% discount on sending express parcels valued THB100 and up via Nakhonchai Air’s delivery service.

The campaign runs through Dec. 31. All people have to do is to show evidence of getting at least the first jab and their Thai national ID card at ticket counters or online via Facebook or Line @Nakhonchaiair. 

A company representative said non-citizens can just show their passport.  

As of yesterday, health officials reported 900,000 have been fully vaccinated and another 1.6 million have completed their first dose.


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