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Marvel Snap launches brand new season called Savage Land with new cards, locations, and variants

Marvel Snap has had a rollicking time since its relatively recent launch, winning the Mobile Game of the Year award at The Game Awards 2022 and also gaining 30 million players in a short amount of time. Today, Nuverse and Second Dinner have introduced a truckload of new content with the launch of the Savage Land season.

In the Savage Land season on Marvel Snap, players will be taken on a thrilling adventure as they make their way through beasts, variants, and massive and deadly cats in perilous locations. The new season pass brings a lot of rewards to the table, including the brand-new Zabu card, who is Ka-Zar’s most trustworthy companion.

Additionally, five new cards will be added to the game as part of the fifth series, which will launch in a staggered fashion throughout the month. Here’s a look at all of them and their launch dates:

  • Silver Surfer – January 4th
  • Sauron – January 10th
  • Shanna – January 17th
  • Dazzler – January 24th
  • Shadow Majesty – January 31st


Since the season is called Savage Land, there naturally should be locations that scream danger and treachery. So, say hello to the Rickety Bridge, Altar of Death, Eternity Range, Plunder Castle, and the Collapsed Mine. Each of them will offer a unique and challenging experience to players.

New variants are coming too, especially for fans of fantasy art, comic book covers, card game art, and heavy metal album covers because all the locations sound like band names anyway. More than 20 different variants are being introduced by artists like Dan Hipp, Max Grecke, Giulio Rincione, and the legendary Alex Horley. Some of them will be featured in the season pass too.

To cap things off, two bundles will be available for purchase, the Primal Masterpiece and Dino Sized, with are both part of the bundles of Prehistoric Proportions.

Download Marvel Snap now for free by clicking on either link below.

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