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Gunna Discusses ‘Call of Duty’ Ad, ‘Slime Language 2′ & Why ‘Ski’ Is an ‘Everybody Song’

The two are no strangers to video games, as they often play together in their downtime at the studio, Gunna told Billboard. 

“I always been playing Call of Duty,” he said. “But they hit me up and [asked] was I interested in doing the commercial and I was.”

While there wasn’t much acting involved in the short film, he says he can see himself doing more of it in the future.

On Friday, Young Stoner Life Records released Slime Language 2, the follow-up to 2018’s Slime Language. “It was just fun. It was really like family, we just really had fun with it,” the “Skybox” rapper said of working with his labelmates. “It wasn’t nothing like forced or nothing like that. We kind of just had songs ready, and when we felt the right time to just put the album out, we put it out.” The crew maintained their camaraderie throughout the pandemic, quarantining together in Atlanta and then in LA.

Since its release, the project has been taking off thanks in part to the “Ski” Challenge created by Thug. Fellow rappers such as Drake, Future and Quavo, among others, have already participated in the dance craze, pretending to ski along to the beat.

“I feel like [‘Ski’] is like an everybody song so I feel like it’s going to reach everybody,” predicted Gunna. “You know how many people in the world? I feel like it’s going to keep getting bigger over the years.”

Another standout hit from SL2 is “Solid” featuring Drake. The song was originally intended for his album, but since being delayed due to the Toronto star recovering from a knee injury, Gunna asked if he could add some slime to it.

“Drake had originally sent me the song for his album and I did it and we was vibing with it for a minute,” he explained to Billboard. “But then his album didn’t come out and I was still vibing with it, and I’m like ‘Sh–, bro, I wanna put it on Slime Language 2. Let’s put slime on it.’ And he was like extra with it and we did, and that’s how that came together.”

Check out the Call of Duty: Warzone short film below.

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