ENYO 1948 is a 1,000bhp Chevy Super Truck with a racing engine

“We are especially excited to share ENYO with the world as our most outrageous build yet,” explains Mike Ring. Not a 1,200bhp Chevy Blazer or a Camaro imbued with the emblem of a horror film, but this: a vintage 1940s farm truck.

A vintage 1940s farm truck is the most outrageous build Mike and Jim Ring have ever done, the work of but 10,000 moments (hours) and the realisation of a long-held dream to build an “anti-street-rod”.

Indeed, it barely qualifies as a truck. Up top is the cab of a 1948 Chevy pickup sitting on a “low-slung, open-wheeled car-style chassis”. The truck has been chopped, narrowed, lengthened and then wedge-cut to fit, and features carbon fibre body parts including a single piece spanning the breadth of the chassis.

And into this chassis Ringbrothers injects an 8.4-litre (510 cubic-inch) racing engine built by Todd Goodwin. Feels… sufficient. Said engine features eight-stack injection and a new fuel management system to record 1,000bhp, while further mods include a Bowler Performance Corvette torque tube transaxle, independent suspension with Ohlins dampers, massive Brembo brakes and custom Porsche 911 wheels shod in proper racing slicks.

It’s got modern air-conditioning. It’s got electric windows. There’s a stainless steel fuel tank. There are electromagnetic latches to open the clamshell bonnet. There are side exhaust pipes constructed from 58ft of titanium. Everywhere you look, there’s a new detail to catch your eye.

“We have been quietly planning this build for years,” explains Jim Ring, “imagining and reimagining how it would ultimately take shape. The end result is truly a super truck that brings together two vehicles that should never have met.”

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