Elon Musk’s Latest Cybertruck Promise Is Just Ridiculous



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Tesla Cybertruck on display

Elon Musk says that Tesla’s still unreleased Cybertruck is going to be “waterproof enough” to double as a boat. Going as far as claiming the Cybertruck can cross rivers, lakes, or even hit the open sea and travel far distances. Seriously.

According to Tesla, the Cybertruck will be a rugged vehicle that can do almost anything. Now, that list of features is about to get even longer. In February, we reported on a company called Cybercat, offering a kit that could turn the Cybertruck into an amphibious boat. It sounds like Musk took notice of the idea.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made two huge Cybertruck promises on Twitter this week, and they’re pretty wild.

Needs be able to get from Starbase to South Padre Island, which requires crossing the channel

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 29, 2022

Musk wants the vehicle to safely travel by water from its SpaceX Starbase location to South Padre Island in Texas. The channel he’s referring to is the Brazos Santiago Pass, which is nearly 44ft deep.

It sounds like the goal here is to avoid the roughly 45-minute drive around the bay and instead take a 4-mile road trip and then cross the waterway at the shortest land-to-land distance. Easy enough, right?

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this type of comment from Musk. In 2020, he mentioned that the Cybertruck could “float for a while” given the enclosed and sealed-off undercarriage. However, now it looks like the company wants to use that as a potential selling point.

Electric vehicles like the Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, and others can potentially float due to the sealed design for the battery packs and such on the bottom. However, we’re more concerned about propulsion, steering, and things of that nature.

Maybe Musk thinks the wheels spinning will be enough propulsion to drive the heavy Cybertruck forward, even against fierce sea winds and currents. Who knows, but I find this promise a bit ridiculous.

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