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Doc Rivers Wants Michael Jordan Over Kobe Bryant For New NBA Logo

There has been a lot of chatter about the NBA logo being changed to Kobe Bryant from Jerry West. What does it take to be the official logo of the NBA? Well, there is no doubt that Kobe deserves it but Philadelphia 76ers’ head coach, Doc Rivers, isn’t very happy with this idea. He wants the logo to either remain the same or be changed to Michael Jordan.

NBA logo should be Michael Jordan?

In an interview with Doc Rivers, he was asked about his views on the rumors about the NBA logo being changed to Kobe.

“I have been asked that but I don’t know the answer to that,” Rivers stated. “I mean Michael Jordan would be the logo.”

“Listen, if you want a logo, Michael to me, would be it. But I don’t know if you change for change,” he further explained. “You usually change things because of history and you find something out that doesn’t fit. Jerry has been a deserving logo and I have no problem him continuing to be the logo.

“I mean what are we going to do, change the logo every 10 or 20 years? So, I like our logo and I think we should probably stick with it. I am probably in the minority in that thought.”

WASHINGTON – NOVEMBER 8: Michael Jordan #23 of the Washington Wizards stands alongside Kobe Bryant #8 of the Los Angeles Lakers during the game at the MCI Center on November 8, 2002 in Washington DC. The Wizards won 100-99. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copryright 2002 NBAE (Photo By Mitchell Layton/NBAE via Getty Images)

How did all this start?

It started back when the Los Angeles Lakers‘ legend passed away in a horrific helicopter crash. Petitions started to make rounds, with millions of fans urging the NBA to make Kobe Bryant the face of the league.

However, after a lot of deliberation, there was no action and the noise eventually died down.

And now, ever since Kyrie Irving has opened this can of worms again, there has been more discussion around it. He posted a picture of Kobe as the logo of the NBA. This was his subtle way of trying to get the league to reconsider.

Kyrie campaigning for Bryant is no surprise. The two shared a very close bond, and the legend was often the source of advice for Kyrie. Kobe’s wife Vanessa and Charlotte Hornets‘ LaMelo Ball also backed Kyrie up at this request.

If the league does decide to act upon it, it will be like playing with fire. They will either receive a lot of shade or a whole lot of support for their decision. What do you think the NBA should do?

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