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Caterpillar motor grader reaches 1,000 units manufactured and sold

In 1995, Caterpillar introduced the Cat 24 motor grader specifically designed to build and maintain haul roads at mining sites with ultra-class haul trucks. Now in its third generation, the Cat 24 offers 399- to 518-kW (535- to 694-hp) power, 61 950 kg (136,575 lb) weight, a 7.3-m (24-ft) moldboard with an 8.5-m (28-ft) moldboard option, and technology as standard to work wide haul roads efficiently.

At a ceremony held on September 22, 2022, Caterpillar executives and motor grader production team members gathered to celebrate the production and sale of the 1,000th Cat 24 motor grader. The machine, destined for Australia, was sold by Cat dealer, WesTrac Pty Ltd, to Rio Tinto Pilbara Operations, located in Perth, Australia. During the event, Caterpillar team members heard from both WesTrac and Rio Tinto Iron Ore representatives through videotaped comments.

The current Cat 24 motor grader features more than 30 percent higher power, 13 percent more weight, and a longer rebuild life than previous generations. It also offers an 8.5-m (28-ft) moldboard option and will soon feature a high-performance circle design for improved reliability. The milestone machine includes a special 1,000th unit commemorative plate.

“For years, we have used Cat 24 motor graders to maintain our haul roads for our ultra-class trucks. The Cat 24 series offers a great combination of power, weight, and blade width to support road maintenance coverage for our large mining fleet,” says Stephen Jones, Rio Tinto Iron Ore managing director of planning, integration and assets. “We are honoured to receive the commemorative 1,000th 24 motor grader, and this represents the third generation we’ve used across our Pilbara mining operations.”

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