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Cargo train drives through flames after crashing into fuel truck in Central Mexico | Rest of the World News

In a tragic incident, a cargo train shockingly drove through flames after it hit a fuel truck in central Mexico. After the fuel truck collision, as per a BBC report, a train line and residences in Aguascalientes, central Mexico, have been completely destroyed by fire. Further, this incident came to light after video footage circulated widely on social media. Besides this, another dramatic video of the blaze that featured aerial views of the city covered in black smoke quickly went viral on the internet. 

As per the video, the cargo train was seen to be moving through flames. People who were stuck due to the crossing were coming out from their cars. People were seen to be backing their cars and trying to escape the incident.  

More than 1,500 individuals have been evacuated

According to reports, the state of Aguascalientes administration noted that the rescue personnel have been summoned and were on the scene. More than 1,500 individuals, according to Mexico’s El Universal newspaper, were evacuated. Fire destroyed some automobiles and residences. 

No fatalities have been reported, however numerous patients have been admitted to hospitals, BBC reported.  

Furthermore, the truck driver is being held by the police. 

Leo Montañez, the mayor, wrote on Facebook that there are 300 residences near the collision site, 120 of which have sustained damage. Notably, the reason behind the accident is still unknown. 

As per the BBC report, Initial reports said that a railway and a vehicle had collided. Pemex, a state-owned oil company, has denied ownership of the vehicle and claimed that it is assisting with firefighting operations. 

Approximately 200 firemen are battling the incident, according to El Universal. 

Meanwhile, in the month of July, one worker was killed after a fire broke out at an oil refinery run by the Petroleos Mexicanos business, a state-owned enterprise in Mexico. According to the firm, known as Pemex, the mishap happened when lightning was believed to have ignited a fire at a tank used for processing waste. Further, Pemex reported that fire teams controlled the fire at the Madero refinery in the Gulf coast state of Tamaulipas, Associated Press reported.  

(Image: @BNONews)
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