Afghan Government Accepts U.S. Invitation to Peace Conference

KABUL—The Afghan government agreed to attend an international peace conference with the Taliban in Turkey next month, proposed by the Biden administration to accelerate talks toward ending the 20-year war.

The planned negotiations, the Biden administration’s most significant effort yet to assert control over the Afghan peace process, are aimed at paving the way for a new government formed jointly between the Taliban and Kabul.

Afghan national security adviser Hamdullah Mohib told reporters Saturday that the government intended to participate in the conference in Istanbul, as well as another peace conference in Russia next week.

The United Nations is expected to broker the Istanbul conference but says it hasn’t yet received an invitation to do so.

While the format and purpose of the Russian event isn’t clear, the U.S.-proposed conference in Istanbul is aimed at replicating the format of the 2001 conference in Bonn, Germany, that installed Hamid Karzai as president following the ouster of the Taliban after the Sept. 11 attacks. The Taliban weren’t invited to attend it.

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