5 Reasons To Consider A Bell Truck Over Other Major Brands

Market share for Bell articulated dump trucks has steadily grown over the last few years and today, these innovative trucks continue to gain attention from loyal customers of other competitive brands for their unbeatable fuel economy, unrivaled power and performance on the job site and operator-centric features that stand out as compared to other brands.  Here are five reasons why many contractors are choosing to run Bell articulated trucks instead of other common brands on their job sites.

Off-Road Performance: “The Bell just gets out of the hole quicker. It doesn’t lose power like the other ones.”

Bell trucks are designed with reliable and powerful Mercedes engines and Allison transmissions.  The Allison transmissions use calibration software called “FuelSense®.”  This optimizes the shift points to match the haul profile with higher shift rpm on steeper gradients and lower shift rpm on flatter terrain. All Bell trucks feature six-wheel drive with electronically activated “Traction Control.”  This feature ensures auto engagement of the interaxle differential lock as well as the CTD’s (Controlled Traction Differentials) on larger trucks.  The Bell performance is facilitated by the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry.  Bell trucks are known for their ability to traverse difficult inclines in messy conditions, while fully loaded, better than competitors.
Braking performance: “That sucker stops on a dime.  That’s important with these hills.”

Bell trucks are designed for safety above all else.  When traveling off-road in difficult terrains and on steep inclines, Bell trucks benefit from several innovative braking technologies.  A Jacobs engine brake is standard on all Bell trucks and is complemented by the highly efficient Bell wet disc brake retarders.  Wet disc brakes offer efficient braking performance and are standard on most models, including the B20E, and the B30E through the B60E.  Other features that add to the safety and braking performance of Bell trucks is the Hill Hold/Assist feature.  This unique Bell innovation automatically applies the parking brake when stopping on hills and will not release until enough engine torque is generated to overcome the weight of the vehicle and move forward.
Smoother Ride: “That truck is just smoother to drive than the Volvo.”

Bell trucks are designed around the operator to ensure operator safety, comfort, and fatigue reduction, which ultimately improves productivity.  Cabs are spacious with a simplified layout for improved visibility.  All cabs come standard with climate control as well as a fully-adjustable air suspension seat for maximum operator comfort.  Structurally, the chassis is built with high strength steel and features a front A-frame suspension that is supported by hydro-pneumatic struts, which enhance the off-road capability and maximize operator comfort, while driving over any terrain.  The rear suspension is renowned for best-in-class axle travel due to an innovative design that incorporates walking beams on the rear axles, facilitating continuous wheel contact and improved off-road traction compared to other brands.  On larger models (50 -60-ton size), a computer-controlled adaptive suspension is standard-equipped for improved ride and off-road performance.  Adaptive suspension is available as an option on smaller trucks from 30 – 45 tons.
Easy to service and maintain: “You mean it has no DPF?  How is that possible?”

Unlike CAT and Volvo trucks, NONE of the Bell trucks are equipped with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), which requires a mandatory rengen cycle.  Bell Trucks feature Mercedes engines with an SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system and urea (DEF fluid), that achieves tier 4 final compliance without the need for forced regeneration.  This saves precious downtime and reduces the cost associated with DPF filters and related service and maintenance.  But that’s not all.  Bell trucks are also designed for easy maintenance with outboard wet disc brakes, an electrically actuated engine hood, and a tilting cab, designed for easier access to the engine, transmission, and hydraulic components.  Troubleshooting is facilitated by onboard diagnostics that are easy to access for technicians without a PC. This diagnostics information is available through the Bell dash display and remotely through Bell’s exclusive telematics system, [email protected], which is included with the purchase of any new Bell truck for a period of 5 years.
Unrivaled fuel economy.  “There’s no way that can be right.  My CAT burns way more fuel than that.”

We challenge you to put our trucks up against any competitor and compare for yourselves the amazing fuel economy and reduced operating costs you will experience with a Bell Truck.  Bell trucks average significantly lower fuel burn than competitors’ trucks in off-road side-by-side comparisons.  The popular B30E averages 3.5 to 5.5 gallons per hour in fuel burn under normal hauling conditions with some adverse grades*.  Ask any other manufacturer what their 30-ton articulated haul truck burns per hour.

*Fuel consumption listed is an estimate.  Fuel consumption may vary based on load, terrain, and driving conditions.

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